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Hi! I’m Rebecca, and I am one the (relatively) few Toyota Sandtana owners out there. I’ve got a 1982 model that I’ll be working on over the next several months, posting pictures here as I go. Kirk also has an ’82, and he is in the middle of a big reno and is posting lots of info that would be extremely helpful for other Sandtana owners.

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I hope other Sandtana owners will end up here and share their photos and experiences too. As far as I can tell, there is no one place online for Sandtana enthusiasts to gather. This could be that forum. If you own a Sandtana and would like to share your info or pix, please leave a comment here and I’ll get in touch with you. We’d all love to see what your RV!

Note: the header photo on each page is from this website: http://www.oldparkedcars.com/2012/04/1982-toyota-hilux-pickup-truck-sandtana.html. I didn’t take, it, and it’s not a pic of my Sandtana. It’s my inspiration, though! Photo credit to Ben Piff.


Sept 2015 Progress.

Actually, more like July 2015.  I haven’t done anything in a while but gave her a bath this morning.  I don’t think I like the bronze trim.  I think around the door and the hatch will go all white and maybe flat black for the window trim.  Sorry, no interior pics until I can remove the hoard from within. :Kirk

20150916_133531 20150916_133536 20150916_133544 20150916_133556 20150916_133601 20150916_133605

Removed Trailer Hitch ~ Got Her Garaged

First order of business was to get her out of the ocean air to prevent any more rust… but with the spare tire mount and trailer hitch, she was JUST a few inches too long for my funky garage. So, we got busy with an angle grinder mounted with a metal cutting wheel. It took about 20 minutes of solid grinding, but we were able to get the hitch cut off. She fits in the garage now!

IMG_2055 IMG_2056 IMG_2058 FullSizeRender